K4000 WET 230V


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Product number: RBN1003722
GTIN/EAN: 7391736213103
Comparison no.: 967 07 98-01 , 967079801
Fits for: Husqvarna
Weight: 10 kg
Product information "K4000 WET 230V"
Husqvarna K 4000 967 07 98-01 Description This all-round electric cut-off saw minimises water, dust and sludge build-up. Unlike other electric cut-off machines, the cutting disc rotates forwards, enabling efficient cutting work with little strain on the operator. The K 4000 can easily be converted into a dry cutter with the optional vacuum unit, minimising dust formation. Technical data: Max. cutting depth: 125 mm Cutting depth: 125 mm Max. Cutting disc diameter: 50 mm Input power: .7 kW Weight: 7.6 kg Power: Max. Spindle speed: 3600 rpm Max. speed: 100 m/s Input power: 2.7 kW Max. water pressure: 8 bar Water pressure: 8 bar Features: Water valve for constant water supply The integrated regulator controls the amount of water and thus ensures a constant supply of water to the cutting disc. It also ensures that only as much water is used as is required for dust binding. New, improved design of the rear handle Power cable routed under the handle for increased durability and trouble-free operation Improved productivity New retractable carbon brushes that protect the collector from unforeseen changes to the rotor. Easy maintenance The one-piece inspection cover and Torx screws make installation and maintenance easier Easy cutting disc change Quick-release fasteners for the spindle and a large opening in the cutting disc guard make it easier to change the cutting disc. "Pulling" disc rotation The cutting discs in our electric cut-off machines rotate forwards, enabling efficient cutting of the material without the risk of snagging and kickback.