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About Bomag

BOMAG GmbH is a global market leader for compaction technology and road pavers. The company was founded in 1957 by Karl Heinz Schwamborn in a garage. BOMAG GmbH is headquartered in the company's own industrial park Hellerwald in Boppard am Rhein and has further subsidiaries in Germany and worldwide. Since 2005, BOMAG GmbH has been part of the French FAYAT Group. BOMAG produces sophisticated technology for the compaction of soil, refuse and asphalt, as well as stabilizers, milling machines and road pavers. In many countries around the world, Bomag is the market leader with its rollers.

BOMAG looks back on more than 60 years of experience and today offers around 250 products along with various options for road construction, gardening and landscaping, dam construction as well as solutions for landfills and recycling plants. The company's first product was the BW 60 double vibratory roller. Today, BOMAG specializes primarily in compaction technology and carries out the documentation, measurement and control of complex compaction work with very different requirements worldwide. The company has a worldwide network of experts and has a total of 2,200 employees in Germany and abroad. In addition to 12 independent foreign subsidiaries of BOMAG GmbH, there are further production sites in Alfonsine in Italy, Ridgeway in the USA and Changzhou in China. More than 400 dealers work for BOMAG and there are sales networks in around 150 countries.

Just one year after its integration into the FAYAT Group, BOMAG GmbH took over the entire responsibility for the production and sales of cold milling machines and road pavers from the Italian subsidiary MARINI. Since then, these machine types have also been part of the company's scope of supply. BOMAG works continuously on the further development and optimization of its special machines. Since 1976, there has been a dedicated research and development center in Boppard on the Rhine specifically for compaction technology.

The company's top products include the BW 80 AD-5, BW 90 AD-5 and BW 100 ADM-5 double vibratory rollers, while a worldwide favorite is the BW 100 ACM-5 combination roller. The product range also includes tried-and-tested recycling machines, soil stabilizers, road pavers, machines for asphalt construction, earthworks and waste management, cold milling machines and light equipment. With the BM 2000 cold milling machine, a special machine was launched on the market in 2016 that is particularly suitable for use in large projects such as airports and freeways and has already proven itself many times in such projects.

The machines from Bomag

Bomag tandem rollers, also called double drum rollers, are ideal for the consolidation of crushed stone, asphalt and concrete. They are equipped with the latest technology, which guarantees easy operation and high performance. The specially developed electronic control system ensure precise control of roller pressure and speed. 

Bomag tandem rollers feature high maneuverability and a compact, lightweight design that makes them easy to navigate on any job site and also allows them to be used on narrow paths. They also feature a balanced distribution of forces that ensure even consolidation of the soil. Bomag tandem rollers are extremely durable, reliable and very easy to maintain.

Buy your Bomag spare parts at Rubin Parts

As a worldwide supplier of spare parts, we at Rubin Parts know how important a high quality standard and fast, uncomplicated delivery is. Therefore, buy your spare parts for your Bomag machines from Rubin Parts. We can offer you the entire product range of the company.

We set a high value on quality and therefore we rely on original parts, which we carefully check before shipment. As we know that time is one of the most important factors for any construction company, we rely on a fast just-in-time principle, which allows us to deliver the parts for your Bomag machines in the shortest possible time.

If you still have questions about our services or about specific spare parts, our experienced team will help you at any time. We will be happy to provide you with a personal offer for original spare parts from Bomag.

Rubin Gmbh can supply spare parts for the following Bomag machines:

Light Equitment Tandem rollers Road pavers & feeders Compactors & soil compactors Cold milling machines Recyclers & stabilizers Waste compactors
BT 60 BW 80 AD-5 BF 200 C-2 BW 124 DH-5 BM 500/15-2 RS 460 BC 473 RB-5
BT 60 E BW 90 AD-5 BF 300 C-2 BW 124 PDH-5 BM 600/15-2 RS 500 BC 473 RS-5
BT 65 BW 90 SC-5 BF 300 P-2 BW 145 D-5 BM 1000/35-2 RS 650 BC 573 RB-5
BVT 65 BW 900-50 BF 600 C-3 BW 145 D-5 BM 1200/35-2 RS 250 BC 773 RB-5
BP 12/40 BW 100 SC-5 BF 600 P-3 BW 145 DH-5 BM 1300/35-2 RS 300 BC 673 RB-5
BP 12/50 A BW 90 AC-5 BF 700 C-3 BW 145 PDH-5 BM 2000/65 BS 3 BC 773 RS-5
BP 20/50 BW 90 SCC-5 BF 800 C-3 BW 177 D-5 BM 2200/65 BS 5 BC 873 RB-5
BR 95 BW 100 ADM-5 BMF 2500 S BW 177 D-5   BS 10 BC 973 RB-5
BP 20/50 D BW 100 ACM-5 BMF 2500 M BW 177 PDH-5   BS 16 BC 873 RB-5
BP 25/50 BW 100 AD-5 BMF 2500 S FLEXMIX BW 177 BVC-5   BTE 02 BC 1173 RB-5
BP 25/50 D BW 100 SCC-5   BW 211 D-5     BC 1173 RB-5
BVP 10/30 BW 100 AD E-5   BW 211 DH-5      
BVP 10/36 BW 138 AC-5   BW 211 PD-5      
BVP 18/45 BW 100 AC-5   BW 214 D-5      
BVP 18/45 D BW 120 AD-5   BW 211 PDH-5      
BP 10/35 BW 120 AD E-5   BW 212 DH-5      
BVP 12/50 A BW 120 AC-5   BW 212 D-5      
BPR 25/40 BW 135 AD-5   BW 212 PD-5      
BPR 25/40 D BW 138 AD-5   BW 213 D-5      
BPR 25/50 BW 141 AD-5   BW 213 DH-5      
BPR 25/50 D BW 151 AD-5   BW 211 D-5 SL      
BPR 35/42 D BW 154 AD-5   BW 213 D-5 SL      
BPR 35/42 BW 161 AD-5   BW 213 DH+P-5      
BPR 35/60 BW 190 AD-5   BW 213 PDH-5      
BPR 35/60 D BW 191 AD-5   BW 213 BVC-5      
BPR 40/60 D BW 202 AD-5   BW 213 BVC+P-5      
BPR 45/55 D BW 206 AD-5   BW 216 D-5      
BPR 45/45 BW 151 AD-5 AM   BW 216 DH-5      
BPR 50/55 D BW 161 AD-5 AM   BW 216 PD-5      
BPR 55/65 D BW 191 AD-5 AM   BW 216 PDH-5      
BPR 60/65 BW 206 AD-5 AM   BW 219 D-5      
BPR 60/65 D BW 161 ADO-5   BW 219 DH-5      
BPR 70/70 D BW 190 ADO-5   BW 219 PD-5      
BPR 100/80 D BW 191 ADO-5   BW 219-PDH-5      
BPH 80/65 S BW 202 ADO-5   BW 219 BVC-5      
BMP 8500 BW 206 ADO-5   BW 226 DH-5      
BW 55 E BW 151 AC-5   BW 226 PDH-5      
BW 71 E-2 BW 161 AC-5   BW 226 BVC-5      
BW 65 BW 154 AP-5   BW 226 DI-5      
BW 65 D BW 154 AP-5 AM   BW 226 RC-5      
  BW 154 APO-5   BC 473 EB-5      
  BW 174 AP-5   BC 773 EB-5      
  BW 174 AP-5 AM          
  BW 174 AP-5 AM HYBRID          
  BW 174 APO-5          
  BW 154 ACP-5          
  BW 154 ACP-5 AM          
  BW 174 ACP-5          
  BW 174 ACP-5 AM          
  BW 174 ACP-5 AM HYBRID          
  BW 11 RH-5          
  BW 28 RH          

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