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The road construction machinery specialists from Sweden

DYNAPAC is a renowned and traditional construction equipment manufacturer from Sweden. The company is responsible for the invention of the vibratory plate. In addition to vibratory plates, DYNAPAC also produces high-quality and internationally sought-after pavers, feeders, milling machines, screeds, rollers and rammers. Since 2017, DYNAPAC has been part of the French FAYAT Group.

In 1934, the company AB Vibro betong was founded in Stockholm. Two years after its foundation, engineer Hilding Svenson developed the vibratory plate. Again two years later, the company was renamed AB Vibro-Verken. In 1947, the invention-rich construction equipment manufacturer launched a 1.5-ton vibratory compactor nicknamed "Frog." In 1948, an in-house research laboratory was opened. In 1963, another innovative product for road construction came onto the market in the form of a first vibratory roller.

As early as 1941, the Swedish machine manufacturer gradually established various production sites in Germany and abroad. A first production site was established in Ljungby, Sweden. Others followed in the USA, Brazil and in Karlskrona in Sweden. Karlskrona quickly developed into the technical center of the entire company. Large rolls were also manufactured here for the global market. Finally, in 1973, the company changed its name to DYNAPAC and continued to expand its product range. Today's headquarters are still located in Karlskrona. In total, DYNAPAC employs about 1,300 people.

From the end of the 1970s, DYNAPAC itself took over various other companies in the mechanical engineering sector. In 1978, this was the Swedish company Salco, followed by the French company Vibratechniques in 1979, the Japanese Watanabe-Werke in 1981, the German mechanical engineering company Hoes in 1984 and finally the likewise German company Demag Schrader in 1995. In 2001, a new large production site of DYNAPAC was established in China, which was significantly expanded again five years later. In 2006 another production site was added in the USA and in 2008 one in India. The production site in Germany is in Wardenburg.

Since 2009 there are large distribution centers of DYNAPAC in the USA, in Belgium and since 2020 also in Germany (Werne). Already since 2007, DYNAPAC was part of the Atlas Copco Group under its own name, which in turn was acquired by the FAYAT Group together with the Swedish machine builder in 2017. Due to the takeover, DYNAPAC's machines henceforth had the colors gray, white and red.

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