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Atlas Copco power technique GmbH is a global company serving customers in more than 180 countries. As a leading provider of industrial productivity solutions with approximately 40,000 employees, the company drives innovation in various segments. With drainage pumps, construction and demolition tools, light towers, air compressors, power generators, special mobile equipment as well as energy storage systems, the company is broadly positioned in many areas.
A long history back to 1873

Historically, the company emerged from the former German sales organisation in 1987. Since 2017, the company previously known as "Atlas Copco MCT GmbH" has been operating under its current name. The Atlas Copco Holding GmbH group has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1873 by a railway engineer, the company was already one of Sweden's largest manufacturing companies at the end of the 19th century. In the course of time, the company developed further and further into a supplier of products in the field of construction technology. In the second half of the 20th century, the company took over various companies such as Berema (1975), Turbonetices Inc; turbo compressors (1980) or AEG power tools in 1992. The broader range of products enabled the company to gain further markets and to offer the various brands in the three business areas of compressor technology, industrial technology and mining technology.

The products of Atlas Copco power technique GmbH:

In the field of drainage pumps, the company offers small portable motor pumps with petrol, diesel and electric drives as well as, for example, electric submersible pumps of the WEDA series. There are, for example, the products WEDA D (drainage pumps), WEDA S (sludge pumps) and WEDA L (pumps for silt/sludge). In addition, centrifugal pumps for drainage, groundwater surface pumps and pumps with high delivery heads are offered.

In the light construction and demolition tools business field, breakers, excavation hammers and rock hammer drills are offered in hydraulic and pneumatic form. The breakers include the models RTEX 15, RTEX 25 and RTEX 35.

This segment is supplemented by tools such as core drills, concrete saws and pile extractors. Hydraulic power units, which can be petrol, diesel or electrically powered, are also included in the range.

The lighting columns segment includes LED lighting columns for events or the construction sector, electric lighting columns and battery-powered lighting columns. Products offered include the LED light tower HiLight B5+ with SmartMast, LED light tower HiLight B6+ with SmartMast or the LED light tower HiLight H6+.

Among the mobile air compressors, mobile forms as well as large series up to 45.2 m³/min and up to 1,596 cfm are offered. These include, for example, the Atlas Copco XAS 97 Dd and the XAS 88G.

In terms of generators, the company offers various energy storage systems and industrial generators, among others.

The special equipment ranges from high-pressure booster compressors to nitrogen generators or power packs.

The medium-sized or large energy storage systems from the ZenergiZe series can provide up to 1000 kVA and are offered with the following product names: ZBC 100-500, ZBC 150-500, ZBC 250-500 or ZBC 500-250.

Rubin sells original spare parts for, for example, the following best-selling Atlas Copco models:
Atlas Copco XAHS 186  
 Atlas Copco XAVS 186  
 Atlas Copco XAS 97  
 Atlas Copco XAS 96 
 Atlas Copco XAS 67  
 Atlas Copco XAS 66 
 Atlas Copco XAS 27 
 Atlas Copco XAS 47 
 Atlas Copco XAS 46 
 Atlas Copco XAS 57 
 Atlas Copco XAS 56 
 Atlas Copco XAS 137 
 Atlas Copco XAS 77 
 Atlas Copco XAS 76 
 Atlas Copco XAS 87

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