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Road construction machinery from Germany

Immediately after the end of the war in November 1945, Karl-Ludwig Hupfeld and Gerhard Lehmann Pottkämper jointly founded their company Allgemeine Baumaschinen Gesellschaft mbH, or ABG for short, in Hameln. With the beginning of a new era in Germany, a new chapter in road construction technology also began at that time. The newly founded company started with small machines for road construction. One of the first successful products was the VAS type concrete paver.

Just a few years after its foundation, the young construction machinery manufacturer distinguished itself with great innovations. In 1953, the company's engineers developed the first hand-operated vibratory roller in Germany, which was launched on the market in the same year. The Titan 300 vibratory roller made ABG world famous. Over the years, many other groundbreaking innovations followed from ABG. Further machines of the Titan series made history and it was soon impossible to imagine international road construction without them.

In the 1980s, company history was once again written. The meanwhile widely respected machine builder developed and built the very first hydraulically adjustable high-compaction screed. The technology is still considered a revolution in road construction today. By the 1990s, ABG was already one of the world's best in construction machinery construction. The company from Germany became part of the Ingersoll Rand group of companies and was one of the first to move smoothly into the digital age with its products.

Electronic Paver Management, or EPM for short, made the operation of large pavers much easier and in the meantime enabled even faster, better and more comfortable work. EPM I was followed in 2005 by the introduction of its improved successor EPM II, which came as standard with the latest Titan 226 and Titan 326 generation.

Finally, in 2007, the company's history was marked by another major change. The Swedish Volvo Construction Equipment group took over the entire construction machinery division from the Ingersoll Rand group of companies. From then on, powerful Volvo engines were used in the road pavers and rollers manufactured at the main plant in Hameln. Two years after the takeover by Volvo, the Hameln site was expanded by 83,000 square metres and a new training centre was built. Continuous development remains ABG's concept. In 2017, a series of new pavers was launched that are already equipped with EPM III systems.

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